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Complete a frase com o verbo no simple
.(to walk)

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Read the definitions and type in the correct verbs from the list. to apologize for / to share with / to agree with / to sleep over / to lend to / to believe in / to blame for / to talk about / to laugh about / to wish for
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1)escreva as frases abaixo na forma negativa usando did modelo 1.he went to school yesterday he didn't to school yesterdayresponda a seguir conforme o modelo.a) your son traveled to iranduba last friday b) thomas had a good time at the party c) susan liked the movie d) i saw you at the shopping mall on sunday e) my wife bought a new hat this morning me ajudmmm
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Preciso de 10 frases de superlativos de inferioridade e 10 de superioridade em ingles por favooor​
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Como se escreve o nome da familia em inglês. emxemplificar​
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Complete a frase com o verbo no simple
.(to walk)...

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